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I write for, edit books for Cyberwizard Productions, write short stories, poetry, Noh drama, and science fiction & fantasy novels. I'm often seen at a Dallas Stars hockey game, at a science fiction convention, or a Taoist Tai Chi workshop. I live in Grand Prairie, Texas, am a native Texan, and I love to travel and my other home is The Netherlands. Got 1 husband, 2 kids, 4 grandkids, 3 dogs, and N+1 cats.


Art of Critique: Digging the Dirt From Your Manuscript

8/26 – 9/22

In this class, we’ll look at the attendees’ manuscripts/WIPS, learning how to analyze a story on different levels. WIPs are expected to be shared with the class for discussion. We’ll have guest speakers as well as contests and prizes.

REGISTER HERE for class 8/26 – 9/22, 2013


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Edit Like a Pro

Sept 1 – Sept 30

You’ve written that novel, or you’re in the process of writing, and you need help learning how to polish it up to shine when your agent or editor sees it?

This is the class for you!

Learn how to format your pages properly, then we’ll delve into the editing process: word choices, sentence structure, paragraphing and white space, scene structure beginning and end, Chapters, and arcs.

See you there!